The Charity of Saint Martin: a Painting by Mr. James Langley

The following reflection was offered by Mr. James Langley, the artist responsible for the stunning 9X6 foot painting that now stands above our mantle in Theotokos Hall. Mr. Langley is the father of Raphael Langley, class of ’21. Reflection on a painting, by James Langley My image of the 4th century saint Martin of Tours … Continued

Seeking: Knight-Like Man

St. Martin’s Academy is looking to fill a House Father position for the 2020-2021 Academic Year. Check out the job description below to see if you might be the right fit. The House Father has an essential role at Saint Martin’s Academy.  He is, more or less, with the boys all day, every day.  As … Continued

Headmaster Whalen’s Parting Address to Students

Ladies and Gentlemen, Faculty and Staff of St. Martin’s, and each one of you students, I’d like to welcome you and thank you for being here for our final gathering of the year.  It’s very good to see all of you though I regret, no doubt as do all of you, that we are unable … Continued

Salt of the Earth

An open letter from Chef Macik to his students “Vos estis sal terrae quod si sal evanuerit in quo sallietur ad nihilum valet ultra nisi ut mittatur foras et conculcetur ab hominibus.” (Matthew 5:13) In this verse from the Gospel of Matthew, Christ says to the multitudes, “You are the salt of the earth. But … Continued

Mentoring Program

In order to ensure that each student at Saint Martin’s Academy has an older and presumably wiser guide to assist him in decision making and problem solving, the school created a mentoring program in which each student meets with a senior faculty member on a regular basis. These meetings have several goals. The most obvious … Continued

St. Martin’s Travel & Open House Schedule

St. Martin’s Academy’s President Daniel Kerr and Headmaster Patrick Whalen will be on the road in the coming months to connect with friends old and new. We’ll be meeting with prospective families and their boys, sitting down with supporters and generally sharing our mission to restore some sense and sanity in the education of young … Continued

“Birds are friends when you know their names”

Below is a transcript of Mr. Kerr’s Faculty Lecture in October of 2019 on birding and the relationship between naming things and friendship. Watch video above. For those who know me, my topic tonight will not come as much as a surprise.  I like birds and birdwatching and I can and frequently do talk about … Continued

To Build a Mobile Chicken Coop

In 10th grade Biology, St. Martin’s students undertake the study of life by engaging it on its own terms. Rather than leaning on textbooks with their abstract treatment of life’s bits and pieces we approach life as we naturally apprehend it: as an integrated and marvelous whole. Whether it is a tree, a grasshopper, a … Continued

Bon Voyage – To France They Go!

At the beginning of September, after a week-long crash course in French, our ten juniors set off for Europe. Their trimester abroad includes time exploring France and praying at Our Lady of Fontgombault Abbey on retreat, praying for family and friends while walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and studying the architecture and history … Continued