Mentoring Program

In order to ensure that each student at Saint Martin’s Academy has an older and presumably wiser guide to assist him in decision making and problem solving, the school created a mentoring program in which each student meets with a senior faculty member on a regular basis. These meetings have several goals. The most obvious purpose is to ensure that each student receives the individual academic attention that is required for his success as a student at St. Martin’s. We are, after all, a school. A special school, but a school nonetheless.

But, as important as a Classical Education is for young men, we have higher aspirations for our graduates. At St. Martin’s we want our graduates to have the foundation to grow into mature, Catholic men who can be a credit to their God given vocation.
That is why the faculty mentor assigned to each student is so important. Young men need older men to guide them through the maturing process. Without exaggeration or hyperbole, I can assure any one that the male instructors at St. Martin’s are an amazing collection of men.
They are good men, who are strong, devout, honorable, pius, and wise. They are, therefore, worthy to be called good examples,

In some ways St. Martin’s Academy could be described as a “junior version” of a Benedictine Monastery.

The young learn from the old, while the elderly benefit from the energy, enthusiasm, and wonder of youth.

Being a student at Saint Martin’s is not just academically challenging. Our students suffer from the same challenges, problems and temptations as any other teenage male in our contemporary cultural. Mentors are there to assist the student in psychological, intellectual, emotional, relational, developmental, spiritual, and social struggles.
St. Martin’s “mentors” are not attempting to be surrogate parents, or substitute friends. St. Martin’s “mentors” are in place to be more like mountain climbing guides who help the boys survive and conquer the trials and challenges that will form them into Catholic men.

Mentors talk to their mentees, play board games with them, take them out to dinner, and schedule other special activities. Most importantly, mentors pray for their mentees and try to watch over them in their daily life at St. Martin’s Academy.

When you pray for your son or grandson at Saint Martin’s, please do not forget to pray for the boy’s mentor.