Mr. Kerr’s opening remarks 2023

Opening remarks by Mr. Kerr Ceremony of Investiture September 4th, 2023 Thank you father and a very good morning and warm welcome to this assembly of faculty, of parents and students as we formally mark the opening of our Academic Year by this Ceremony of Investiture. This Investiture began informally in year one with the … Continued

Only the Lover Sings: Burn’s Night at St. Martin’s

By Rosie Klassen, mother to Gabriel Klassen, Jr., Grade 11 Some who are new to St. Martin’s might very well ask the question, “Why have a banquet centered around some old Scottish poet and songwriter rather than a courageous saint or a liturgical feast?”  Watching it all happen at St. Martin’s for the second time, … Continued

Martinmas – The Cloak of Christ’s Love

By Michael and Margaret Masny, parents of Michael, Grade 12 Setting out on a chilly November morning, our family loaded into the Big Apple (our red, 15-passenger van) and plodded a course for Kansas to visit our son, Michael, whom we had not seen since August when he left for the senior trip to France, … Continued

A Reflection from A Three Hearts Pilgrim

By Michael Sullivan, father of Benedict, 11th grade “Do you want to go on the Three Heart’s Pilgrimage?” my wife Kelly asked adding, “Miriam, Therese and Augustine want to go, and Benedict would love it if you did.” I briefly considered the thirty-five miles and wondered when was the last time I walked a mile … Continued

Christus Vincit

By Daniel and Christine Costanzo, Parents of Gabe, 12th Grade The Benedictine motto “ora et labora”, which has shaped the way of life at Saint Martin’s Academy, may require a slight alteration. I would suggest that a more appropriate motto for the Academy might be “ora et labora et FEAST!” Yes, Saint Martin’s has become … Continued