2018 St. Martin’s Academy F.O.R.T. Leadership Camps

Functional Outdoor Resilience Training…F.O.R.T. Join us at St. Martin’s Academy for one of our week long camps for boys age 12 to 14 this coming Spring and Summer 2018. Unplug for a week and reengage reality. An opportunity for recreation, growth, and learning in a decisively Catholic setting, F.O.R.T. Leadership Camps are run by the … Continued

Introduction to Athletics

“Bodily discipline is an aid to mental and moral health” – Fr. Edward Leen Athletics at St. Martin’s are a practicum in the capabilities and virtues that students are called to embody.  We provide two distinct programs, one in the fall and one in the spring, that challenge all students at their respective level of … Continued

On Academics: Φύσις and θεωρία

Academics at St. Martin’s are a mix of tradition and innovation.  This brief post offers some perspective on our methods and rationale.  It serves to frame our educational approach and should make clear the difference that St. Martin’s enacts in high school education.  There is much more to follow, but for now, welcome to a … Continued

Why a Boarding School?

“Behold how good and pleasant it is for brothers to live in unity”  -Psalm 132 How do families arrive at the decision to send their son to a boarding school?  Difficult considerations abound.  For many it is simply an  inconceivable rupture in family integrity.  Even for parents who are open to the idea, sending a … Continued