2018 St. Martin’s Academy F.O.R.T. Leadership Camps

Functional Outdoor Resilience Training…F.O.R.T.

Join us at St. Martin’s Academy for one of our week long camps for boys age 12 to 14 this coming Spring and Summer 2018.

Unplug for a week and reengage reality.

An opportunity for recreation, growth, and learning in a decisively Catholic setting, F.O.R.T. Leadership Camps are run by the faculty and staff of St. Martin’s Academy.  We consider the camps an opportunity to extend the pursuit of our commitments to nurture authentic masculinity, heal the imagination, awaken wonder, and develop attentiveness.    

The F.O.R.T. Leadership Camps are…

  1. Rooted in the conviction that leadership is cultivated through self-discipline and service
  2. Constructed with the outdoorsmanship elements of our unique F.O.R.T. program
  3. Oriented toward spiritual growth through the Sacraments, prayer and authentic friendship              

F.O.R.T Leadership Camps offer rising 7th, 8th, and 9th graders an intensive week-long experience that will challenge and delight while teaching valuable skills.  Student campers will leave Camp with strong exposure to the virtues necessary to be a leader and to take responsibility for others.  

Here are a few things you will learn:

  • How to build a fire without gallons of gasoline and a flamethrower
  • How to tie the 6 knots essential to bushcraft
  • How to get from lost to found…at night, with no light, and only a compass
  • How to safely forage in the woods for wild edibles
  • How to make an emergency backcountry shelter with little to no supplies
  • How to stabilize and evacuate your buddy who broke his leg in the backcountry… (and treat other injuries)
  • How to survive an accident in the water — and rescue and resuscitate your friends
  • How to waterproof, pack, and carry your gear so that it works for you instead of against you
  • How to lead others through complex situations requiring split second decision-making

Here are a few things you will do:

  • Race in canoes, kayaks, and rafts that you built yourself
  • Catch and clean a fish in preparation for a shore-side lunch
  • Attend and serve Mass in the field
  • Backpack to a remote site carrying everything you need to survive and thrive
  • Help butcher and prepare a hog for a backcountry feast
  • Use a map and compass to chart routes and navigate challenging terrain
  • Say the rosary daily
  • Lead a team of your peers through tasks that will challenge your creativity and stamina
  • Evenings around a campfire with songs, stories, and skits  


Camp Dates:

Session I: 16-22 April 

*Cost is $500/camper.  Drop off is the morning of Monday the 16th, any time between 10:00am and noon.  Families are welcome to join us on the final day, Sunday the 22nd at 10:00am for a High Mass in the field.  Camper dismissal is at noon.   

Session II: 11-17 June

*Cost is $500/camper.  Drop off is the morning of Monday the 11th, any time between 10:00am and noon.  Families are welcome to join us on the final day, Sunday the 17th at 10:00am for a High Mass in the field.  Camper dismissal is at noon.

St. Martin’s Camps don’t pamper…they place you on the path to excellence.

For more information or to register for the Session I dates, please visit our registration page here.  Session II registration can be accessed here.  If you have questions, please email: [email protected] with the word camp in the subject.  Include your name, the prospective camper’s name and age, and which session you are interested in attending.  Registration for each camp session is capped at 25.