The Long Awaited Utah Photos

The boys were excited to get their adventure started!
Catholic Outdoor Renewal (COR) were our guides for the trip. They did a great job!
Headmaster Mr. Whalen drinking his coffee and enjoying the view
Who knew boys could have fun cooking
President Mr. Kerr taking time out to appreciate and thank God for all the wonder he has experienced so far
The canyon wall only got bigger as we paddled down river
Mr. Kerr, an avid bird watcher, has the rare treat of a bird settling down for a rest on his arm
The boys fearlessly repelled down a 120 foot wall
David Meyers scaling up the sheer rock face
The early morning hike to see the sunrise at the top of the Looking Glass Arch had the boys tired out
Prime at the top of the arch was something special
All the boys did the rope swing and didn’t even seem scared. I know I was!
This looks a little unsafe.
Well that was to be expected
Enjoying the view after a hard climb to the top
Our headmaster showing the boys how it’s done
Thank you Mr. Dziad for organizing this trip for the boys, it was a great experience