St. Martin’s Veteran’s Fellowship

We are currently accepting applications for the St.  Martin’s Academy Veteran’s Fellowship.

St. Martin’s Academy is a private Catholic boarding school for young men that is located in southeast Kansas. Based on a working farm, St. Martin’s emphasizes faith and character development, academics, and hard work though our farming, outdoorsmanship, and athletic programs.  The Fellowship extends from mid-August 2018 to early June 2019, and offers room, board, and a stipend of $8,000 in order to provide transitioning veterans a structured, vet-friendly environment, that helps translate valuable military service into marketable civilian experience. A Fellow is an imaginative, team-oriented, and initiative-taking veteran with an irreproachable character. He is faithful to the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and ardently desires to grow in his Faith. He is interested in the outdoors, great books, and servant leadership.

Leadership opportunities, structured environment, smooth transition to civilian life, and strong recommendations

A St. Martin’s Veteran Fellow, depending on his strengths, is likely to lead backpacking and camping trips, run leadership workshops, and coach athletics in addition to supervising student residential life. He will be a member of an intellectual community with time for study, work on college or trade school applications, and full access to a nearby State University Library. He will participate in the farmwork on campus and in a series of farm related seminars led by faculty members with extensive farming experience. By the end of the year a Fellow will have gained significant hands-on experience in the operation of a sustainable farming operation; have proven that his military skills translate to fulfilling civilian responsibilities; and have strong recommendations as a key player in both farming and academic environments.

A Fellow’s week might include the following:

❖ Attending Mass with the students ❖ Reading “To Build a Fire” by Jack London to the boys on a cold winter’s night. ❖ Teaching a seminar ❖ Planning and leading a camping or backpacking trip ❖ Taking accountability for students ❖ Supervising study hall ❖ Milking the cows ❖ Chanting Compline ❖ Castrating hogs

If all of the above sounds like a perfect fit, we’d like to hear from you. Email our Headmaster, a Marine veteran, Patrick B. Whalen, at [email protected]. Please include a cover letter with an introduction as well as your resume.