Faculty Lecture by Dr. Kenneth Klassen: “Removing the Veil”

November 18th 2017 St. Martin’s Academy hosted the first of its quarterly public faculty lectures. Dr. Kenneth Klassen delivered a talk entitled “Removing the Veil: ​Gymnastic​ ​Experience,​ ​Wonder,​ ​and​ ​Reflections​ ​of Jean-Henri​ ​Fabre”.   The public faculty lectures are part of our effort to create an intellectual community around the Academy that shares in the edification and pleasure of a virtuous life of the mind.   Whether you were able to attend or not, Dr. Klassen’s talk bears sustained reflection and illuminates essential aspects of the St. Martin’s educational method.

You can download the text of his lecture here:  Removing the Veil    ….And you can watch a brief clip here.

Next quarter’s lecture will be the Prairie Troubadour Symposium which will take place at the Liberty Theatre in Fort Scott, KS. You can register to attend here.